Current project:

Documentary: Building on existence [working title]
In collaboration with Joost Mellink


In 2010 the Macedonian government announced the building project Skopje 2014.
Dozens of buildings were to be demolished and the city centre was getting a mayor facelift. Large neoclassical buildings were to be surrounded by gigantic statues of classical and contemporary heroes. All this as a means for the Macedonian government to give the country a new national identity now that Macedonia is independant after centuries of foreign rule.

We are intrigued by the process of re-inventing history through architecture, because it automatically raises larger questions of national identity. Skopje 2014 shows us what a country is willing to do in order to create one. In this documentary the Skopje project will serve as a metaphor for the longing and general search for identity.

By using Skopje as a starting point we’ll eventually draw parallels with Dutch society. How are we building on a national identity in the Netherlands? Is the Dutch identity just as pliable as the Macedonian seems to be?



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